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At 76 FENCE, our mission is deeply rooted in our unwavering belief that every fence we build should serve as a beacon of top-notch craftsmanship and an enduring symbol of customer satisfaction. Our journey began in 2020 when Patrick Brouillette, a Sales & Marketing Professional, identified a critical need in the fencing industry – the need for a company that not only transforms outdoor spaces but also places the unique needs of each client at the forefront.

Our commitment extends beyond constructing fences; we are dedicated to crafting dreams. We aspire to fulfill the dreams of our clients by creating beautiful and lasting outdoor spaces. Simultaneously, we are equally passionate about nurturing the entrepreneurial dreams of our franchise partners, providing them with a pathway to success. Our overarching mission is to forge a legacy defined by exceptional craftsmanship, unwavering commitment to customer service, and the broadening of opportunities. Together, we do more than build fences; we build futures.

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The 76 FENCE Story

Our story began in 2020. Patrick Brouillette was searching for a fencing company that would deliver a top-tier residential fence installation and outstanding customer service. With a lack of options that offered both quality and a seamless experience, Patrick decided to start his own fence company. His vision was to build a company that not only delivered durable, beautiful fences but also prioritized the client’s needs every step of the way.

In 2021, Patrick successfully completed more than 75 fencing projects, consistently delivering a high-quality product and an unparalleled customer experience. In 2022, Patrick’s business witnessed remarkable growth, with over 110 projects completed, marking an impressive year over year increase of more than 45%.

It was during this period that Patrick crossed paths with Ed Samane, an entrepreneur with a history of founding, owning and operating successful franchise systems. As they collaborated, they recognized the immense potential for franchising Patrick’s thriving fencing business. This realization marked the exciting inception of 76 FENCE, a venture poised to help individuals realize their dream of becoming successful independent business owners.

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Patrick Brouillette


Patrick Brouillet

Ed Samane

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Ed Samane

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Chief Operations Officer

John Simon

Vice President of Operations

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Judimarie Thomas

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