Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Fence

A fence adds beauty, security, and privacy to your property. But before you grab a shovel and start digging post holes, there are a few crucial things to consider. Here at 76 FENCE, we've seen our fair share of fence installation mishaps, and we want to help you avoid them! Let's dive into the top 5 mistakes to steer clear of.

Fence Line Faux Pas

Knowing exactly where your property line sits is crucial. Building a fence on your neighbor's land can lead to disputes and costly removals.  At 76 FENCE, we can help you locate your property lines and ensure your fence is placed perfectly.

Material Mismatch

Pickets, panels, and posts come in a variety of materials, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  For example, a wooden fence might not be ideal for a high-traffic dog park, while a chain-link fence wouldn't enhance the curb appeal of your front yard. Our experts at 76 FENCE will assess your needs and recommend the perfect material for your project, considering factors like durability, maintenance, and aesthetics.

The Permit Pitfall

Fences often require permits, and neglecting this step can result in fines and even removal of your fence.  Permitting regulations vary by location, so it's important to understand the requirements in your area.  76 FENCE can navigate the permitting process for you, saving you time and hassle.

Post Panic

Fence posts are the backbone of your fence, and skimping on their quality or installation depth is a recipe for disaster.  Weak posts can lead to a wobbly, leaning fence, or worse, a complete collapse.  The experienced professionals at 76 FENCE will ensure your posts are properly sized, installed at the right depth, and secured with the appropriate materials for long-lasting stability.

DIY Disaster

While some fences seem like simple projects, proper installation requires expertise. Uneven cuts, improper post setting, and flimsy hardware can all lead to a fence that looks less than stellar and might not withstand the elements.  At 76 FENCE, our certified fence installation crews have the knowledge and experience to build a beautiful, secure fence that will last for years to come.

Why Choose 76 FENCE?

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure your fence project is a success.  At 76 FENCE, we offer a wide range of residential and commercial fencing solutions, top-quality materials, and expert installation.  We'll handle everything from locating your property line and navigating permits to building a beautiful, functional fence that meets your needs and budget.

Ready to get started?  Contact your local 76 FENCE franchise today for a free consultation and see why we're the premier choice for all your fencing needs!  Thinking of going into business for yourself? We also offer exciting fence franchising opportunities – fill out the form on this page to learn more or give our team a call at 866-672-1776.

Boosting Your Curb Appeal with the Right Fence

Your home's exterior is its first impression, and a well-maintained landscape with the right fence can truly elevate its curb appeal. But beyond aesthetics, fences offer functionality and security. Here at 76 FENCE, we understand how to combine those aspects to create a perfect frame for your property.

Fences: More Than Just Security

Sure, fences keep pets and unwanted guests contained, but they can also be a design element that complements your home's architecture and landscaping. A classic white picket fence adds a touch of charm to a Cape Cod-style house, while a sleek wrought iron fence creates a sophisticated air for a modern residence. The right fence material, style, and height can:

Completing the Picture with Landscaping

Fences and landscaping go hand-in-hand. Planting climbing vines along a wooden fence softens its look, while neatly trimmed hedges bordering a wrought iron fence add a polished touch. Here are some tips for creating a cohesive look:

Own Your Own Piece of the Fence Industry

At 76 FENCE, our passion goes beyond building beautiful fences; we're also dedicated to helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. We offer a rewarding franchise opportunity for those who share our vision. As a 76 FENCE franchise owner, you'll benefit from:

Ready to Frame Your Future?

Whether you're a homeowner looking to boost your curb appeal or an entrepreneur seeking a fulfilling business opportunity, 76 FENCE can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today at 866-672-1776 to learn more about our fence installation services or franchise opportunities. Let's create something beautiful together!

Horizontal Horizons: Reimagine Your Fence with Modern Flair

Perhaps you’ve noticed there are many ways to assemble materials to design durable and aesthetic fences. Property owners can install a fence going vertically, horizontally, criss-cross, or diagonally. It’s terrific to know you have plenty of variety at your disposal with modern fencing.

Let’s check out some advantages to installing horizontal fencing around your home or business.

Ways to Do Horizontal Fencing

A horizontal design works well with almost any material you select: cedar, vinyl, metal, and beyond. You can also configure the horizontal pattern several novel ways to create slats, shadow boxes, or full-fledged privacy fences.

If you decide to go with cedar or pine for a horizontal fence, you won’t regret it. That’s because wood pieces are not too difficult to install sideways. Here’s also where a talented fence technician (like one of ours) can work with you to space the wood boards whichever way you see fit. It’s a popular way to cultivate a private or semi-private backyard and/or side-yard in many residential areas around the country.

Vinyl is a very practical way to accomplish this as well. It’s normally less expensive than wood, offers more design options, doesn’t require as much maintenance, and won’t force you to worry over wood rot. Like vinyl siding or windows, you would have to clean these horizontal fences, but it doesn’t take as long, and you can get it done with a decent pressure washer.

Finally, horizontal chain-link fences are a popular solution for single-family homes, apartment complexes, and even industrial properties. They’re cost effective, deter intruders, and it’s easy to enhance them with privacy screens either during the initial installation or later down the road.

What are the most common reasons folks opt for horizontal fence designs?

Advantages to the Horizontal Design

Want to Explore These or Other Lavish Fencing Designs?

If you’re serious about putting together a new (or improved) fence, then our team can help.
76 FENCE specializes in installing, staining, and repairing every popular fencing style with several material options. Whether you wish to add a new chain-link fence to your backyard, or protect your expensive business property with durable steel fencing, we’re available to assist. Contact us anytime to learn all about horizontal fencing, vertical fencing, and more by calling 866-872-1776.

Why Many Clients Choose Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing is a terrific way to secure your property, keep pets in the yard, and not spend a fortune paying for it. As always, 76 FENCE tries to focus on ways to help residential and commercial property owners select the most suitable fence, contingent upon their specific needs. While some of our clients pursue more elaborate options, like gorgeous cedar fences, others prefer the more budget-friendly approach of chain-link fences.

Low Maintenance

Perhaps the best advantage to chain-link fencing is that once you have it installed, there isn’t much left to do to it. The galvanized steel material can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, provided you hire the right contractor to anchor it properly.

An Affordable Solution

While fencing materials aren’t cheap (since they need to be durable), the chain-link approach is one of the more affordable and still permanent approaches. Even many businesses might consider this strategy to protect some of the largest commercial properties.

Retain Visibility

Yes, if you partner with 76 FENCE, we can help you put together the best privacy fence you’d ever want. Some folks, however, don’t wish to eliminate the visibility of their surroundings because they live in a beautiful neighborhood, or a gorgeous part of the country, like Florida. Also, perhaps some jurisdictions won’t allow certain fencing types (especially HOA communities). The chain-link style lets you have a fence and still observe everything around you, if you so desire.

Solid Basic Security

A chain-link fence will not halt every intruder in the world, but it’s a decent deterrent, and it can at least keep neighborhood children and dogs from trespassing. The same applies to anything you wish to keep inside certain parameters (such as your own children and pets). Many fences also have swing gates that help you control entry. Therefore, it’s a practical way to remind everyone of important property boundaries, and enforce them.

Do these sound like some of the practical concerns you have for improving your home’s exterior?
If so, then the trustworthy team at 76 FENCE would like to help you explore your options. We can install or maintain all the popular and effective fencing materials and styles: chain-link, steel, pool fences, dog fences, and more. Contact us anytime for information or to schedule service by calling 866-872-1776.

From Fences to Function: A Homeowner's Guide to Style, Security, and Sanity

residential white picket fence

Have you considered augmenting your home with an aesthetic perimeter fence, but aren’t sure what kind to buy?

Perhaps you’ve driven around your neighborhood to gather ideas and take pictures, only to find a plethora of options, leaving you unsure of which way to go. Many styles, heights, dimensions, and material choices are available. Fortunately, if you’ve hit a snag and can’t figure out what would work best, we can help you focus your decision better.

Primary Factors to Consider Before Installing a Fence

  1. Costs
  2. Durability
  3. Security/Privacy
  4. Pet Containment

Those are the four things our clients tell us they care about most. You’ll have to develop a project budget and ask yourself how durable of a fence would you need for your home. Wood, for example, may require more maintenance and have less durability than chain-link, but it offers more privacy and beautification.

Finally, do you need a fence that keeps your pets and children where they’re supposed to be? If so, then chain-link or horizontal fencing may be your solution. 

More on Materials - These Are Your Top Options

What About Fencing Styles?

Then you have to mull over what style of fence you prefer. We offer six styles that suit different needs for homeowners. We can install simple dog fences, pool fences, traditional picket fences, privacy fencing, ranch fencing, and horizontal wood fencing.

That last option is extremely popular among homeowners in classier neighborhoods, who seek maximum privacy along with the aesthetic enhancement you enjoy with top-quality wood. Then again, a simpler version of this would be the vertical picket fences, known for adding instant charm (and curb appeal) to your residential property.

Call 76 FENCE for a Modern Residential Fence 

We hope this offers a decent framework to help you explore the wide array of fencing options available. Of course, there’s still much more to the selection process, and we’re more than happy to assist.

If you’d like hands-on help with the process, then please consider the trustworthy services of 76 FENCE. We’re the resident experts for installing, repairing, and staining almost any type of fence. Discover more or schedule service by reaching out to us today!

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Wooden Fence: What You Need to Know

Whenever there’s a broken or deteriorated fence, you’ll face one or two options for how to deal with it: repair or replace.

Of course, like anything else on your property, the extent of the damage will dictate whether you should fix the fence or opt for a new one. Your friends at 76 FENCE would like to offer a few guidelines on how to approach that decision.

A Few Things to Consider

Generally, you can perform minor maintenance on a wooden fence if the damages are small and/or isolated to a specific location. Sometimes, it’s better to have a repair guy take out or modify one section of wood rather than scrap the entire fence (saving you significant expenses).

These are the primary factors that impact how to approach mending/replacing a wooden fence.

So . . . Repair or Replace Your Wooden Fence?

If your fence has noticeable structural damage, or has become unsafe to use (holes, instability, rot, etc.), then you should strongly consider a full replacement.

For smaller problems, it’s easy to have a professional swop out specific slats to address the problem. We always recommend calling for help and avoid making mistakes by trying to “DIY” the repairs. Also, don’t forget that if you replace a wooden fence, you’ll have to find some place to dispose of the old wood. 76 FENCE can help you with that matter anytime, though.

How Long Do Wooden Fences Typically Last?

Even the best-treated wood won’t last forever. It has a shorter lifespan, normally around seven to 10 years, which is why some property owners prefer more durable options such as steel fences or composite fences. If you aren’t sure what to expect from various styles and materials, one of our representatives would be more than happy to go over different options with you.

Call 76 FENCE for Help with Any Style of Fencing

We’re here to help if you need repairs, staining, or total replacement for any kind of fence. This goes for those on either residential or commercial properties, including HOA business owners.

So, let 76 FENCE help you restore your wooden, vinyl, chain-link, or any other fence, and rid yourself of all the hassles. If you’d like to learn more about our services, then contact us anytime with questions or comments.

Peace of Mind and a Perfect Fence: Why Hiring a Pro Pays Off

Fence installation and repair requires careful attention to detail, something you won’t always get from a handyman or other amateurs. Since residential and commercial fences are significant investments, we recommend calling a professional fencing contractor to handle the task. 

dark wood fence

These are just a few reasons why . . . 

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Fencing Contractor

They Have Better Tools - It’s very risky to attempt a fence installation with anything less than commercial-grade tools and equipment. While many property owners have some of the essentials, few have everything they need to build fences that will match local codes and ordinances.

Helpful Tips & Suggestions - Many homeowners aren’t aware of all the materials and options available to them. An experienced fencing contractor can point you in the right direction if you’ve never done something like this previously. They can help you measure parts of your property, find the right sizes, explain the advantages of vinyl versus aluminum fencing, and help you navigate every other crucial component. We also don’t believe in pressuring our clients into anything. You can start with us by obtaining a free cost estimate (right over the phone) by speaking to one of our friendly representatives.

They’ll Work Within Your Budget - There’s a big difference between installing a massive perimeter fence for a prison facility, compared to safeguarding a backyard swimming pool. Good contractors will help you stay within your budget by helping you select the most cost-effective fencing solutions.

Contractors Know the Local Zoning Rules - The last thing you’ll want to do is install something improperly, and run into trouble with local authorities. That’s why it’s smarter and faster to work with a pro contractor who can pull all the permits, and knows what’s allowable in your area.

Fence Repair & Installation is Laborious - Even the smaller projects we do can be physically demanding. Our team can ease the burden of this hard work by taking care of business, even in hot weather, when you’d rather not tackle such strenuous outdoor labor.

Hire 76 FENCE for Fast & Professional Fencing Installation

We do just about everything related to fence work. Whether you need new installation (commercial or residential), staining, or fence repairs, 76 FENCE is the most reliable resource for everything.

Call us today at 866-672-1776 to discover more or schedule fencing services in your area. 

Premium Fence Installation with 76 FENCE

Do you need better security or desire a much-needed aesthetic boost to the perimeter of your property?

If so, then we’d like to introduce ourselves (in this inaugural blog post) as the foremost experts for premium fence installation. Our first-rate craftsmanship is available for an array of residential and commercial purposes. That’s because there are numerous advantages to adding a new fence to your property, provided you do it the way with a professional.

wooden fence

Benefits of Choosing 76 FENCE for Premium Fence Installation

  1. It enhances your property’s safety and security; protecting everything you own, especially children and pets.
  2. Fences are a terrific way to improve privacy and deter unwanted solicitors.
  3. Like any other exterior project, installing a new fence will increase your property value (and add curb appeal).
  4. We offer a large range of fence installation options, suitable for any family or business budget.
  5. You’ll also enjoy a variety of materials and styles (vinyl, steel, aluminum, and more).
  6. We can even help with maintenance and upkeep, including staining and other repair tasks.

We Also Offer Franchising Partnership Opportunities

76 FENCE also plans to expand to other parts of the country, but we could use the help of capable and ambitious entrepreneurs. If you fit that profile, and have wanted to own a business for a while, then we encourage you to consider franchise opportunities with us.

How does owning a franchise business work?

Basically, you invest in the opportunity to start a new version of our company in your community. It’s your chance to tap into our business structure (as an experienced and successful franchisor), and serve your location with this high-demand service. Nowadays, homeowners are constantly upgrading their properties, making this a tremendously fertile niche market for you to start a business.

Best of all, you don’t need any prior fence installation experience. We’ll show you the ropes, and provide every essential support item you’ll need for success. This covers everything from training and marketing, all the way to managing client sales, and much more.

76 FENCE - America’s Best for Premium Fence Installation

Whether you wish to explore a business partnership, or need help selecting a new property fence, our team is happy to meet and discuss your goals. 76 FENCE, headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, specializes in creating beautiful and lasting outdoor spaces for homes and businesses.

Want to learn more? Then feel free to email us anytime with all questions or inquiries.