Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fence

76 FENCE can handle both large and small commercial fence installations. Clients choose us for our customer service and our personal attention. Unlike the large behemoth fence companies you find, you aren't just a number in our queue of installs. We know your name, we understand your project, and we take personal care by ensuring your project is completed to your satisfaction. Our commercial fence options include:

Many commercial fencing clients prefer a strong material that will protect their assets. We recommend steel and aluminum, but chain link is the most common. Heights of 6-8' are predominant in the commercial fencing market. The taller fence heights ensure a lower probability of illegal entry.

Dumpster Enclosures

Our expertise lies in crafting durable dumpster corral fences, as showcased in the photo below—a recent project completed for a property management company. To enhance protection against potential vehicle damage, we provide the option to install front bollards. Utilizing quality materials such as pressure-treated pine or cedar, galvanized poles, and concrete, our construction ensures the development of a robust and enduring corral for businesses or multi-tenant buildings.

Commercial Dumpster Fencing
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Wooden fence around a dumpster

Keep your business's environment clean by utilizing a trash corral

A dependable permanent dumpster corral will be required if you want to keep your business running effectively. You'll want to keep your dumpsters hidden from your customers and from public view. There are raccoons and coyotes who may find your rubbish to be delightful, in addition to the humans who use them as their own personal garbage dumps. Fortunately, the construction of garbage corrals may help to ease these problems, and it is not a difficult job to do. We're here to show you how to do it right the first time around.

Why do dumpster enclosures exist, and how do they function?

It is feasible to disguise your temporary or commercial container behind a dumpster enclosure, which preserves your property looking clean and appealing while still allowing you to make use of the container when it is not in use. It will also prevent rubbish from being blown upward by the wind, animals from getting inside your bin, and strangers from illegally dumping in your container, which might result in you being charged additional fees.

Outstanding Fences and Gates for Commercial Sites

76 FENCE can provide the industrial fence services you need. For all commercial, industrial, and high-security applications, we can offer you the most cutting-edge fences and gates. Protect your industrial property by ordering temporary construction fencing, guardrails, bumper posts, and bollards.

To secure your building, we use high-quality materials and the most effective installation techniques available.

High-Quality Gates Aid in Access Control

Commercial Security Fencing

A gate with a cantilever design is simpler to build, safer, and more efficient. It travels on rollers attached to posts so that it never touches the ground. Call 76 FENCE right away for further details.

For All Types of Fencing and Gates, Choose 76 FENCE:

  • Security barriers
  • Chain link Slats for privacy Decorative steel
  • Driveway gates and commercial gates
  • Vinyl / PVC gates
  • Electric Gate Operators with Barbed Wire and Razor Wire

Commercial Privacy Fencing

Whether you have a need for 1,000 feet of fence around an entire community or just need some 7' chain link around a parking lot, we can provide a turn-key installation for your next commercial fence project.

Not all fence contractors are created equal. Many cannot install commercial fencing and are not set up to handle a project of that magnitude. It's a bit different than your standard fence installation for a residential property. Working with the requirements of a business such as material ordering, net15 or net30 payment terms, invoicing, and insurance requirements are always aspects we are used to working with and can accommodate with ease.

If you have specific requirements for your fence installation such as plans and specs, please provide them so we are clear on the scope of your commercial fence project. For instance, if you have a specific color stain for wood on a dumpster fence corral or privacy fence, we can make sure you have that exact color and design required by the architect or engineer on the project.

With our network of fence installers, you can be assured you get exactly what you paid for and have a high-quality fence installation. For your next business, commercial, apartment complex, or multi-tenant dwelling project be sure to give us a call!

Commercial Security Fencing

Industrial Fencing

Many commercial customers are looking for security fencing. This includes the use of very tall fencing of 6-10' tall, the use of barbed wire, or additional electronic security components.

Commercial Security Gates

76 FENCE recommends Cantilever Slide Gate Systems to enhance your facility's security, offering space-saving benefits and streamlined automation. Cantilever gates move efficiently along existing fence lines, making them an optimal choice for perimeter design. This design of gates have a few advantages:

Automation is simplified and safer with Cantilever gates. Their linear movement reduces risks associated with vehicle interference, and the system is often more cost-effective, requiring only one gate operator for certain configurations.

Maintenance is hassle-free due to features like nylon cantilever rollers that don't require greasing and are resistant to rust. Adjustments are easily made with bolts connecting the gate operator and brackets.

In comparison, swing gates demand more maintenance, involving hinges that require frequent greasing and are harder to adjust. The practical advantages of Cantilever Slide Gate Systems extend to northern climates, where snow removal is simplified due to the gate's single, obstruction-free path.

For more information on the commercial cantilever slide gate systems we provide, contact one of our expert representatives now or continue reading to discover more about the cantilever slide gate systems we provide.

Following benefits are associated with selecting an automatic sliding Cantilever chain link gate over a swing gate:

  • Less chance of the gate interfering or coming into contact with objects or vehicles, resulting in safer operation.
  • Reduce total costs by using an automated gate design that does not require extra operators.
  • Reduced maintenance and upkeep since it's simpler to keep a sliding gate route free of snow and debris.
  • Featured Cantilever Gates
  • Our collection of robust cantilever gates can seal single openings up to 60 feet in length. It can open up to 120 feet when doubled, providing a flexible solution for many different uses.

Our cantilever gate products come with the following benefits and features:

  • Designed and constructed specifically for your project needs.
  • Members of the top track and top gate frame are keyed to completely interlock with one another before being welded to create a single piece of composite material.
  • Cross-bracing made of galvanized or stainless steel cables runs the whole length of the gate.
  • Depending on the needs of your project, we can provide either double-track or single-track cantilever gates.
  • Truck assemblies are created for use with slide gates and put through rigorous load and weather testing.
  • On the W4 or S8 truck assemblies, a multi-year guarantee is standard.
  • Self-aligning, ball-bearing wheels with sealed lubrication.
  • Supplied with guide roller coverings and gap protectors to prevent trapping.

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