Industrial Fencing

Robust Industrial Fencing: Built to Endure

Industrial fencing is engineered for enduring strength. Not only does this fencing employ the sturdiest materials, but it also undergoes professional installation to ensure a reliable, long-lasting performance.

Business Aluminum Fences
Commercial Aluminum Fencing

For insights into why commercial property owners choose us, explore our range of aluminum fence panels. Our Styles 1 through 10 are constructed with 20% more metal than other brands, guaranteeing unrivaled strength and dependability.

Our panels offer enhanced property security with wider pickets, rails, and 8 metal support ribs within each rail.

If you opt for any style, we're delighted to include a puppy picket for those with dogs or small animals. Our offerings also feature alternative attachments such as straight mount brackets, rings, finials, big scrolls, horizontal and vertical swivel mounts, perfect for accommodating angles, hills, slopes, and staircases.

Industrial Fencing: A Trustworthy Shield for Property

Industrial or commercial properties require customized fencing solutions that adhere to specific criteria. Our assortment of premium products encompasses modern visual protection strips for effortless retrofitting and welded metal fences. Our industrial fencing solutions cater to a wide spectrum of needs, from visual appeal to uncompromising security.

76 FENCE'S perimeter industrial fence systems ensure both security and functionality for industrial structures. Our diverse selection of high-quality fencing caters to diverse site needs, from sports fields and military bases to commercial and industrial estates. We offer a range of fence types, meeting fundamental requirements as well as unique visual or functional demands. Our craftsmanship guarantees longevity and quality, ensuring the best price-performance ratio. The assembly simplicity of our industrial fence makes for swift installation. PPG mesh mats, reaching up to 160 cm in height, exhibit a smooth finish on both sides, adhering to child safety, personal protection, and DIN 18320 standards. Blunt spikes begin at a height of 183 cm, and sharper, pointed spikes are available upon request.

Our portfolio features various post types, offering the flexibility to equip them with highly secure U-bar strips, flat iron covers, stainless steel clamp fasteners, or plastic holders based on security requirements. Mats can be ordered with upper bends or additional climbing-prevention measures like s-wire, barbed wire, and more. The configuration can be adapted to slopes through staggering and custom designs using a range of RAL colors. Customized palisades are also available upon request. RELAX visual protection strips offer extra privacy and visual shielding for outdoor areas, seamlessly fitting into different settings. Retrofitting options include MIDI, ENDLESS strips for a plain look or LOUNGE strips for a contemporary rattan aesthetic. Easy installation and contemporary design further enhance the appeal of these visual protection strips.

Industrial establishments demand a unique level of security, and our industrial fencing products fulfill that need. Our industrial-grade aluminum fences offer unmatched strength, security, and durability.

Our industrial metal fence panels provide the ultimate solution for securing your building or premises.

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Differentiating Features:

  • Residential: Designed for residences and small businesses.
  • Commercial: Built with larger pickets and rails for public spaces with heavy foot traffic.
  • Industrial: The pinnacle of security, designed for maximum protection.

Our Commitment to Factory Fencing

Numerous factories rely on us for their interior warehouse fencing needs. Factories and warehouses often require chain link fencing within their premises, sectioning off areas such as security cages for protection. We specialize in security cages with restricted access, making us your ideal choice for your next security cage or factory fencing project.

Warehouse Fencing Expertise

From robust wood enclosures to durable powder-coated aluminum fencing solutions that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and strength, our expertise lies in warehouse fencing rather than pool fences. We provide a variety of options tailored to your specific needs. All our fences are customizable in terms of height and picket spacing, ensuring enhanced protection and privacy. Trust in 76 FENCE to not only elevate the visual appeal of your property with our warehouse fencing but also to deliver an additional level of security for your peace of mind.

Effective Distribution Facility Fencing

Distribution facilities experience a constant influx of trucks, necessitating exterior and interior chain link fencing installations. Our proficiency extends to installing commercial-grade chain link fencing anywhere it's needed. Whether you require barbed wire or electrified fencing, we have the solutions you need.

Tailored Manufacturing Facility Fencing

Local manufacturing facilities often feature expansive warehouses that necessitate both interior and exterior fencing. Industrial-grade fencing seamlessly meets the requirements of most manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Security-Oriented Storage Facility Fencing

Storage facilities demand round-the-clock security fencing, and 76 FENCE is your go-to company. These facilities often opt for 6 to 8-foot tall chain link fences equipped with barbed wire. Our privacy slats can also be integrated between the fencing fabric for enhanced privacy and security.

Thoughtful School Fencing Solutions

Schools frequently require fencing solutions that blend aspects of industrial and commercial fence installations. From athletic field fencing to securing the entire school perimeter, a well-built, robust fence is crucial for safeguarding educational institutions.

Choosing Industrial Fencing: Ideal for Varied Applications

Industrial fencing presents an array of designs and materials to suit diverse landscapes. From family homes to commercial complexes, educational institutions, and parking lots, industrial-grade fencing offers reliable solutions for each scenario.

Custom-Made Metal Fences for Industrial Use

Depend on 76 FENCE to provide robust, low-maintenance industrial metal fencing for your property's security. Our signature products stand as the top security barriers in high-traffic areas like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and storage facilities. Allow us to install commercial steel fencing to fortify your property against intruders and other unwelcome visitors. Our fences effectively prevent large animals from entering properties, secure storage facilities, airports, upscale residential and commercial perimeters, and areas with heavy foot traffic requiring enhanced access control.

An Assortment of Industrial Fencing Styles:

  • Classic Spear Top
  • Alternating Spear Tops
  • Flat Top With Spear
  • Flat Top, Standard Bottom Rail
  • Flat Top Double Pickets
  • Spear Top Double Pickets
  • Flat Top, Flush Bottom Rail
  • 2-Rail Flat Top

These are just a few examples of our many metal fencing panel designs. These industrial fencing variations can extend up to 10 feet in height, offering heightened security.

While the combination of flat tops and speared tops results in an aesthetically pleasing design, speared tops also effectively discourage trespassers. Furthermore, we offer specialized fences with double vertical pickets for added privacy.

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