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Aluminum Fencing: An Elegant Choice

For homeowners seeking a durable and visually appealing solution to define their yard while maintaining an unobstructed view, aluminum fencing presents itself as a formidable alternative. In contrast to the previous use of wrought iron, aluminum fencing has emerged as a modern replacement. Wrought iron's susceptibility to rust, weightiness, and impracticality for contemporary fencing construction has led to aluminum's prominence. Powder-coated aluminum eliminates rust concerns, though it does concede a slight drawback: it's not as robust as wrought iron. For enhanced strength, our recommendation is steel fencing, available in the same styles as aluminum counterparts.

Our array of aluminum fencing encompasses some of the most versatile options on the market. Whether it's for pools, yards, or public spaces, aluminum fencing seamlessly aligns with every terrain and architectural theme. This adaptability is attributed to a range of unique features and customizable choices.

Aluminum Fencing's Remarkable Versatility

Installation locations for aluminum fences know virtually no bounds. Need a fence to trace your property's edge, even across uneven terrain? No problem.

Our fences are meticulously designed to accommodate the contours of your landscape. They navigate effortlessly around irregular perimeters, often requiring no significant alterations to the terrain. Even on undulating ground, rest assured that your aluminum fence will emanate an air of professionalism, cleanliness, and aesthetic charm.

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The Flexibility of "Rackable" Aluminum Fencing

The ingenious "rackable" construction of our aluminum fences underscores their adaptability.

All our aluminum fence panels measuring over six feet boast a 30-inch height differential without necessitating additional rails. Essentially, one post of a six-foot panel can be situated 30 inches above or below its counterpart. The process is straightforward: a gentle application of pressure to one post, either upward or downward, effortlessly adjusts its position.

Our rackable fences can be seamlessly tailored to the incline of your property. This ensures the fence's top remains parallel to the ground, eliminating unsightly gaps between panels. Our aluminum fence suits a vast range of slopes, accommodating nearly all but the most extreme gradients.

Aluminum fencing prevails as an excellent choice, combining rust resistance with a captivating aesthetic appeal.

Durable Aluminum Fencing Solutions

Our aluminum fences are engineered to endure the test of time. While other fencing options degrade over time, our aluminum fences withstand even the harshest conditions, guaranteeing longevity for years to come.

Aluminum stands as one of the most resilient fencing materials available today. With the added advantage of powder coatings, the surface boasts enhanced weather resistance, effectively preventing chipping, peeling, or breaking. This exceptional durability equips aluminum fences to endure scorching summers, freezing winters, and everything in between, including heavy rainfall.

Thanks to its robustness, many of our manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties, a testament to the enduring quality of our products. Moreover, unlike iron or steel alternatives, aluminum fences remain resilient against rust and corrosion, ensuring lasting beauty.

Redefining Maintenance with Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences demand minimal maintenance due to their inherent resistance to the elements. Unlike other fence types that necessitate regular painting or coating, aluminum fences arrive prefabricated with a resilient weather-resistant layer. This, in turn, minimizes the required upkeep to an occasional wash, simplifying the maintenance process.

Cleaning these metal fences is a breeze, often requiring nothing more than a rinse and a gentle wipe with a dry cloth. Thanks to the protective coating, dirt and grime struggle to adhere to aluminum surfaces, maintaining their pristine appearance.

A Myriad of Designs with Aluminum Fencing

Our collection offers an extensive variety of heights and styles to cater to diverse preferences.

Seeking the perfect shade to harmonize with your surroundings? Opt for a powder finish that seamlessly complements your home or environment.

For those desiring added sturdiness, panels equipped with four rails provide enhanced stability.

Unconventional space to enclose? Our fences are designed to be trimmed to suit spaces of any size, accommodating both expansive and compact areas.

Adding a personal touch to your fence? Our picket fences offer an ideal platform for attaching tops, known as finials. Furthermore, an array of decorative options is available for purchase directly from us, culminating in a meticulously polished yard appearance.

If you don't find the specific alternatives you seek within our collection, feel free to get in touch. We specialize in locating exactly what you desire and would be thrilled to assist in finding your ideal fence.

Aluminum Pool Fencing: Safety and Elegance

For families with children, installing an aluminum fence around your pool is a safety imperative. This barrier can also help prevent animals from accessing the area.

In most municipalities, pool perimeters require a fence. Our aluminum fences effortlessly adhere to applicable zoning regulations. Prior to acquiring an aluminum fence, 76 FENCE will ensure it aligns with your local zoning regulations for added peace of mind.

Our aluminum pool fencing adheres to BOCA swimming pool standards, enhancing both the aesthetics and security of your outdoor space.

Elevating Your Front Yard with Aluminum Fencing

Regardless of size, every front yard can benefit from the addition of an aluminum fence. Not only does it effectively deter larger pets and wild animals, but it also enhances both the interior and exterior aspects of your yard.

Even if heightened security isn't a priority, aluminum fences contribute to the visual appeal of your yard. With a classic and unobtrusive style, aluminum fences effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of your yard by drawing attention to its existing features.

Aluminum Fencing: Enhancing Home Value Economically

When the time comes to sell your property, an aluminum fence can significantly enhance its appeal to potential buyers. The traditional elegance, heightened security, and attractive visual impact of aluminum fences contribute to curb appeal.

Aluminum fencing presents an economical investment for your property, offering the same benefits as other metal fence types—security, privacy, and beauty—at a fraction of the price per foot.

Beyond the initial expense, wrought iron and steel fences demand ongoing upkeep due to their susceptibility to the elements. Frequent repainting every two years is necessary to prevent rust, proving to be a cumbersome task.

Enhancing Security with Aluminum Fencing

Contrary to misconceptions that prioritize aesthetics over function, aluminum fences offer both. Customizable to individual needs, aluminum fences can enhance security while accommodating personal preferences.

Unlike chain link alternatives, aluminum fences prove resistant to cutting attempts, making them ideal for safeguarding property. Their sturdiness is notably superior to chain link fencing, rendering them more robust against potential attackers. Furthermore, diverse styles featuring varying heights and rung densities cater to differing security requirements. For increased protection, opt for a taller fence with additional rungs, effectively deterring unwanted access while preserving your property's integrity.

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Quick and Easy Aluminum Fencing Installation

Installation of aluminum fences is remarkably straightforward, setting them apart from more time-intensive options. With aluminum's lightweight nature eliminating the need for heavy lifting, the absence of this requirement simplifies the installation process. Installing aluminum fences is a breeze—secure the posts in the ground, then attach the panels.

If you're considering an aluminum fence for your home, contact 76 FENCE to arrange a no-obligation estimate. Our team is eager to assist you in identifying the ideal aluminum fence style to suit your needs.

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Are you contemplating an aluminum fence for your yard or pool area? We're here to assist you!

Choosing the perfect fence for your property is our pleasure. We'll guide you through the process of acquiring a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and safety-enhancing aluminum fence of your own. Should you have inquiries regarding pricing, styles, or other options, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to provide all necessary information to facilitate an informed decision-making process.

Unrivaled Warranty for 76 Aluminum Fencing

At 76 FENCE, we partner with top manufacturers who are committed to the quality of their product.

Unparalleled Range in Aluminum Fencing

Our range of aluminum fencing products bears the esteemed "Made in the USA" distinction and is distinguished by a wide spectrum of grades, colors, and styles. The Elite, Plus, and Standard options offer a customized fit for every requirement and budget. For unique requests, the Industrial, Talon, Louvered, and Privacy series are available, granting flexibility in design.

Our ornamental aluminum fences exude elegance, boasting streamlined designs and unblemished lines that bestow the final touch of sophistication to any outdoor space.

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