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Steel fencing offers a robust and visually appealing solution for homeowners and business proprietors aiming to demarcate their property's boundaries without obstructing their sightlines. This modern fencing option has replaced the antiquated wrought iron fencing materials of the past. The vulnerabilities of iron to rust, its excessive weight, and its impracticality in contemporary fence construction have led to the prominence of steel fencing. Powder coating ensures steel's resistance to rust, though it does have a minor drawback: it's not as robust as wrought iron fencing. For enhanced strength, we propose wrought iron fencing, which comes at a higher cost and involves welding, contributing to overall labor expenses.

Our array of steel fencing comprises some of the most versatile options accessible. This fencing solution harmonizes with diverse terrains and architectural styles, seamlessly integrating with settings ranging from private pools and yards to public spaces. How is this achieved? Our steel fences are equipped with distinctive attributes and customizable choices.

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Versatility of Steel Fencing

Steel fences offer adaptability to nearly any location. Suppose you need a fence running along your property's perimeter, yet the terrain possesses slopes and undulations. Not to worry!

Our steel fences are meticulously designed to effortlessly conform to the contours of your entire property. They adeptly navigate irregular perimeters, requiring no labor-intensive terraforming. Even on uneven landscapes, we assure you that your steel fence will exude an appearance of professionalism, cleanliness, and elegance.

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Chain Link Fence
Metal mesh netting rolled into rolls . Rolled chain-link fence.

Robust and Adaptable Steel Fences

The versatility of our steel fences is attributed to their "rackable" design, ensuring their resilience and suitability across diverse environments. Engineered to endure, these fences are engineered for a lifetime of use and capable of seamlessly accommodating varying conditions. Steel fencing is particularly well-suited for commercial applications, offering a blend of durability and flexibility.

Steel Fences: Durability and Versatility

Our steel fences are available in various heights and do not require additional rails. This means that one of the posts on a six-foot panel can be positioned 30 inches above or below the other. The process is simple: apply pressure to one post, either upward or downward, and it will easily slide into place.

Our adaptable fences can be tailored to fit the contours of your property's terrain. The top of your fence will align parallel to the ground, eliminating unsightly gaps between panels. Our steel fences can handle nearly all slopes, except for the most extreme.

Sturdy Steel Fencing

A closeup shot of the beautiful metal fences in front of a stone building

Our metal fences are engineered for longevity. While many other fence types deteriorate over time, ours thrive even in challenging conditions. You can enjoy the benefits of your fence for many years to come.

Steel stands as one of the most durable fencing materials available today. The addition of powder coatings enhances the surface's resistance to weather, preventing chipping, peeling, or breaking. This durability allows steel fences to withstand scorching summers, freezing winters, and heavy rain seasons in between.

Thanks to its endurance, several of our manufacturers provide limited lifetime guarantees.

Our fences feature a robust fastening mechanism that surpasses conventional stainless steel screws. Instead, we utilize an advanced rivet technique that reinforces the fence, streamlines adjustments, and, most importantly, conceals the system's inner mechanics from the outside.

Low-Maintenance Steel Fences

Steel fences require minimal maintenance due to their resistance to the elements. Unlike other fence types that demand repainting or re-coating every couple of years, steel fences come prefabricated with a durable, weather-resistant covering. Occasional cleaning is the only extra maintenance needed.

Even cleaning your metal fence is hassle-free. Generally, rinsing the bars and wiping them down with a dry cloth is sufficient. Thanks to the protective coating, dirt and grime struggle to adhere to steel fences.

Diverse Designs of Steel Fencing

Main paints a metal fence in gold paint

We offer an array of heights and styles.

Seeking the perfect hue? Opt for a powder finish that complements your surroundings or home.

Need an extra-sturdy fence? Our panels with four rails provide added stability.

Dealing with an unconventional space? Our fences are designed to be trimmed to fit spaces of any size, regardless of scale.

Want to personalize your fence? Our picket fences are ideal for attaching tops (finials). Additionally, we offer a range of these decorations for direct purchase to enhance your yard's aesthetic.

If our collection doesn't feature the options you're seeking, reach out to us. We're adept at locating precisely what you desire and are thrilled to help you discover the ideal fence.

Steel Pool Fencing

For child safety, a pool fence is a necessity. A steel fence around your pool can also deter animals.

Most municipalities require a fence around your pool's perimeter. We ensure that your new steel fence complies with all relevant zoning regulations.

Compliant with BOCA swimming pool standards, our steel fencing enhances and safeguards your backyard while providing security. Our fences are universal and lack a "good" or "bad" side, negating the need to consider their orientation.

Front Yard Steel Fencing

A steel fence can benefit any front yard, regardless of size. Whether your goal is to exclude larger pets or wildlife, a steel fence offers protection for both the interior and exterior.

Even if you're not particularly concerned about the added security a steel fence provides, it can enhance your yard's aesthetics. A steel fence is an effective way to elevate your yard's appearance by accentuating its existing elements. Unlike other fence types, steel fences boast a classic and unobtrusive style.

Enhancing Property Value with Affordable Steel Fencing

When the time comes to sell your home, having a steel fence can make potential buyers more receptive. The traditional design of steel fences adds curb appeal to your property, enhancing its attractiveness with its sleek appearance, heightened security, and overall appealing look.

Investing in steel fencing is a wise choice for your home, given its cost-effectiveness compared to other fencing options. Steel fences deliver the same benefits as other types of metal fences (security, privacy, and aesthetics) but at a fraction of the cost per foot.

Steel fencing typically falls in the price range of $45 to $55 per foot, whereas alternatives like wrought iron or aluminum can cost significantly more per foot.

Despite their initial higher cost, wrought iron and steel fences demand more ongoing maintenance due to their susceptibility to elements unlike aluminum. Repainting every two years to prevent rust becomes an inconvenient chore.

When it comes to steel vs. aluminum fencing, there's a trade-off between strength and corrosion resistance.

Commercial Fencing Applications

Steel fencing proves to be an optimal solution for commercial settings. With its spear-top design, it outperforms commercial chain link fencing in deterring intruders. Its tougher construction makes it resistant to cutting attempts.

Security bollards serve as effective deterrents against vehicular access. Comprising a casing filled with concrete and supported by a footing, security concrete and steel bollards can halt a vehicle's progress effectively.

For automated security gates, steel fencing is a popular choice as it not only automates your fencing system but also adds an extra layer of security. Keep in mind that installing automated gate solutions typically costs around $40,000 to $50,000 per driveway.

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Enhanced Security Through Steel Fencing

Contrary to the misconception that steel fences prioritize appearance over utility, they actually contribute significantly to a more secure property, thanks to their customizability.

Unlike chain link fences, steel fences are resistant to cutting, making them an excellent choice for those seeking to protect their property.

Steel fences offer better resistance against intruders compared to chain link fencing. Depending on your specific security requirements, you can choose a design that offers more or less security. Various metal fence designs are available in different heights and rung densities. Opting for a taller metal fence with more rungs provides extra protection, deterring unwanted items and individuals from entering your yard while keeping the desired elements within.

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