Fence Staining

At 76 FENCE, we're your go-to experts for painting and staining services, dedicated to rejuvenating the appearance of your fence and outdoor structures. Schedule an appointment with one of our representatives today, and we'll promptly assess the condition of your fence, deck, arbor, or other outdoor structures. Once we've determined the most cost-effective approach to revitalize your exterior assets, our representative will provide you with a detailed estimate.

Reviving and Refinishing Fences

Why spend more on replacing your fence when you can save by refinishing it?  Many older fences simply need a facelift rather than major repairs. We'll evaluate whether your fence is a suitable candidate for staining.

Fence Cleaning and Refinishing

Wood Fence Staining Options:

  • Semi-Transparent Stain: This product employs finely powdered iron oxide pigments to enhance the wood's color while revealing its natural grain and texture. It effectively conceals imperfections common in modern privacy fences. With excellent coverage, a single coat often outlasts two coats of a competitor's product, providing maximum value for our clients.
  • Transparent Fence Stain: Preserving the fresh appearance of wood, this stain uses 100% trans-oxide pigments. Transparent colors beautifully emphasize knots and wood grain. Natural oils and synthetic resins work together to protect the wood. The result achieved with this product on high-quality fences is unmatched.

Both stain types are available in various hues, and our knowledgeable sales team can assist you in selecting the ideal option for your fence.

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Fence Staining

Wooden Fence Restoration

Rediscover the warm, rich glow of your aging, grayed wood fence. Its hidden beauty lies beneath the surface, and our specialists have the expertise to bring it back to life. Opt for fence restoration instead of replacement to save money. Our years of experience have enabled us to perfect the art of staining and restoring wood fences. Some older fences merely need a facelift, not extensive repairs.

The Importance of Professional Fence Restoration

Pressure washers, while effective at removing dirt and grime, can be abrasive and potentially damage your wood fence if used incorrectly. Our team of fence professionals is well-trained and understands the precise PSI (pressure per square inch) required to clean your fence effectively without causing harm.

We perform a thorough assessment of your fence and determine the best stain product and application method to prolong its lifespan.

We possess the necessary tools and materials to carry out the job efficiently. Our equipment surpasses the quality of those available for rent at home improvement stores.

Inadequate pressure washing can lead to significant damage to your fence, so it's crucial to leave this task to the experts.

Fence Staining and Restoration

Arbor, Pergola, and Deck Staining and Restoration

Your deck or arbor should be a welcoming outdoor space for gatherings with friends and family. Our arbor and deck restoration experts have the expertise to restore these structures to their former glory. Restoration involves more than just pressure washing, as excessive pressure can harm the wood. Our professionals will carefully evaluate the situation and recommend the most suitable course of action. Whether it's minor touch-ups or a comprehensive restoration, we will provide you with a detailed quote and explanation of the procedure.

Arbor and Deck Restoration Process

Our skilled professionals gently remove the top layer of wood to reveal fresh, rejuvenated wood beneath. We then apply a high-quality, long-lasting stain that protects and extends the life of the wood, completely restoring your arbor or deck to its original state.

Selecting the Right Metal Fence Paint

While black is the standard color for wrought iron fencing, we offer a range of color options to suit your preferences.

Wrought iron is typically coated with a semi-gloss or gloss finish.

We recommend acrylic enamels for wrought iron, as they have better durability when exposed to sunlight. We also offer Urethane Alkyd options for a glossy finish.

Our paints are "direct to metal," eliminating the need for priming unless rust prevention is necessary.

Preparing the Fence's Surface

Power cleaning is necessary only when there is excessive mud and debris on the fence surface.

We prepare the iron fence's surface by using a wire brush to remove loose debris and then perform a light sanding to eliminate surface oxidation, ensuring maximum adherence of the topcoat of paint.

Rust Control

Severe rust areas may require treatment with a phosphoric acid-based rust inhibitor or, in some cases, a complete coat of rust-preventing primer.

Application of the Product

Our experienced specialists apply paint to wrought iron fences using brush, mini-roller, or paint glove techniques.

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