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Complete Range of Fencing Styles

We provide an extensive selection of fence products crafted from the finest quality materials. Our offerings encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from pool fencing and screen enclosures to ornamental and decorative designs suitable for various purposes such as dog containment, field delineation, security reinforcement, and diverse forms of privacy partitioning. Presented below are merely a handful of the numerous categories within our array of fence products. 

Pool Fence

In the United States, an alarming statistic reveals that 300 children* under five years old lose their lives to drowning in backyard pools annually. This is a serious concern that demands thoughtful action. (Source:

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Pool fence (small photo)
White picket fence (small photo)

Picket Fence

Like so many old-house details, the picket fence has roots planted squarely in utility: Colonists built them to keep chickens in the yard and to protect the garden. Then, as they are wont to do, the carpenters came along and, armed with pattern books, started introducing new details to the wood parts.

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Privacy Fence

In today's real estate landscape, privacy fencing has gained significant popularity, and the reason is quite straightforward: privacy itself. With residential properties closely nestled together in many neighborhoods, the need for seclusion becomes paramount. 

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Privacy fence (small photo)
Horizontal fence (small photo)

Horizontal Fence

By incorporating horizontal board fencing, this style breaks away from conventional norms, ushering in a new era of aesthetics. Horizontal board fences typically showcase evenly sized boards placed horizontally across each panel, spanning around 6-8' in width. The outcome is a distinctive and upscale visual appeal that exudes a high-end designer aura.

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Ranch Fence

Various top-quality woods are affordable, robust, and last for a long time. Talking about being robust and affordable, cedar has been considered a great option for fencing on ranches.  

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Ranch fence (small photo)
Dog fence

Dog Fence

Prevent dogs from squeezing through gaps on your existing fence.  The wide gap kit uses a durable black powder coated wire mesh that is virtually see through from a distance. It works with any type of fence! 

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