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Are you on the hunt for a trustworthy dog fence company? Look no further than 76 FENCE for your canine's protection. We bring top-notch products and premium fence installation to the table. Leveraging our extensive purchasing power in the fence and railing sector, we provide exceptional value for your dog fence investment.  76 FENCE is dedicated to simplifying the process for our clients. From your initial inquiry to the final installation, expect a seamless and top-quality experience. When it comes to selecting a dependable and skilled fence company, 76 FENCE is the clear choice.

76 FENCE: Your HOA-Compliant Dog Fence Experts

Choose 76 FENCE and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog fence is compliant with HOA regulations, expertly crafted, and designed to enhance the beauty of your neighborhood. We meticulously adhere to HOA specifications, ensuring your furry companion enjoys a safe and secure outdoor haven while maintaining the aesthetic harmony of your neighborhood. By providing both containment and protection, our fences keep your pets safely within your yard and prevent them from straying or encountering potential hazards beyond your property line. Our exceptional craftsmanship and wide variety of materials allow you to customize and design the perfect fence or railing for your home.

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76 FENCE: Your Premier Dog Fence Provider

76 FENCE is your go-to source for exceptional dog fence solutions. Our team of experts is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality fences and unmatched efficiency. When the need for a dog fence arises unexpectedly, prompted by the arrival of a new furry companion or the acquisition of a new residence, 76 FENCE is equipped to accommodate swift turnaround times from inquiry to installation, ensuring your beloved pet enjoys a safe and secure outdoor haven without delay.

Dog Fence Financing: Turning Fencing Needs into Reality

A dog fence offers many benefits for your pet like improved safety and security, reducing stress, increasing their ability to exercise and play, as well as improving their socialization and mental stimulation. Sometimes the requirement for a fence can arise unexpectedly, either due to the addition of a new furry companion or moving to a new residence that lacks a suitable enclosure. Recognizing the sudden financial burden that the unexpected need for a fence can place on your family, 76 FENCE offers flexible financing options to help you manage the cost while being able to provide the proper fencing. By partnering with a network of reputable lenders, we have a variety of solutions to meet your financing needs

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Unparalleled Protection and Beauty with The Premier Vinyl Dog Fence

Crafted using our proprietary vinyl specifications, 76 FENCE'S vinyl dog fence offers unparalleled protection and long-lasting beauty with very low maintenance. Our premier vinyl material surpasses industry standards by over 40% in terms of thickness, making this dog fence the most durable and dependable option available, providing your pet with the unwavering protection they deserve. Our cutting-edge vinyl fencing features PrivacyLock and SolarShield technologies to guarantee that your fence remains resilient, and structurally sound with UV protection to keep your fence looking aesthetically pleasing. For unwavering peace of mind, 76 FENCE offers a lifetime transferable warranty for vinyl dog fence options.

Quality Wood Dog Fencing: A Safe and Secure Haven for Your Beloved Pet

Naturally beautiful and versatile, wood dog fences offer several advantages, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly option for their outdoor spaces that are both attractive and cost-effective. At 76 FENCE, our fences ensure long-lasting wood integrity along with a minimum 15-year warranty against rot and termite damage for pickets and a lifetime warranty for posts and horizontal rails. All of our quality wood fences are custom-built on-site, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs.

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