Privacy Fencing

Privacy Fence Installation: An Essential Choice

In today's real estate landscape, privacy fencing has gained significant popularity, and the reason is quite straightforward: privacy itself. With residential properties closely nestled together in many neighborhoods, the need for seclusion becomes paramount. This need becomes even more pronounced when neighborly disputes come into play. Opting for a privacy fence installation ensures mutual invisibility, granting you the comfort of not seeing them while ensuring they can't see you either.

Understanding Privacy Fencing

Privacy fences are characterized by the proximity of their pickets. Unlike fences with gaps, privacy fences have their pickets positioned adjacent to one another, creating an unbroken barrier. This configuration eliminates any open spaces within the fence structure.

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Residential privacy fence
Horizontal privacy fence at home

Exploring Semi-Privacy Fencing

Semi-privacy fencing, though less common, finds its enthusiasts as well. These fences sport gaps between the pickets, providing a balanced compromise between privacy and visibility. Generally associated with vinyl fencing, semi-privacy fencing can also apply to wood fencing. Picket fences tend to fall into this category due to their relatively wider picket spacing, while semi-privacy fences boast narrower gaps between the pickets.

Practical Applications of Privacy Fencing

Privacy fences find a natural home in suburban settings, particularly when homeowners wish to enjoy their pools or sunbathe within the seclusion of their yards. These fences are often erected at heights of 4, 5, or 6 feet, with taller options delivering superior privacy. A 6-foot-tall privacy fence is a standard choice, although shorter variants like 4-foot and 5-foot options are also available. In cases where a lower fence height is required, customization can be done by adjusting the panel dimensions to accommodate specific preferences.

an outdoor living area with wooden furniture and plants on the side wall, including white sofas and coffee tables

Vinyl Fencing: A Premier Choice for Ultimate Privacy

When genuine privacy is your priority, vinyl fencing stands as the optimal solution. With pickets designed in a "tongue and groove" manner, they overlap seamlessly, creating a solid barrier that leaves no gaps. This is in contrast to wood fencing, where pickets are often simply pressed against each other without the grooved interlock.

Advantages of Vinyl Fence Material

Vinyl fence is renowned for its low-maintenance nature, making it an excellent choice whether you seek security, privacy, or wish to enhance your landscaping. Our sales representatives are ready to discuss the benefits of our PVC vinyl materials, provide project estimates, and schedule installation by our expert teams. We pride ourselves in utilizing the finest quality vinyl fence items, displayed in our yard. Our vinyl fence offerings include white, almond, and khaki variations, designed to harmonize with your home and garden aesthetics. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, our vinyl fence materials guarantee enduring quality.

Diverse Designs and Heights

Our vinyl fence collection features an array of designs, available in heights of 4', 5', and 6', catering to various preferences. Options range from Solid Traditional for complete privacy to Spaced Picket for partial seclusion. The majority of Solid designs are crafted using the tongue and groove technique, resulting in a sleek installation with concealed fasteners. Additionally, lattice top fences and other popular styles are at your disposal. To ensure the strength of our gates, each post is embedded in concrete and supplemented with aluminum post stiffeners where needed. The variety of colors and styles for our walk gates and double-drive gates ensures a perfect complement to your fence's overall design. A residential vinyl fence emerges as a versatile, low-maintenance solution, infusing your yard with a unique aesthetic.

ActiveYards® Collaboration: Elevating Fence Quality

Our partnership with ActiveYards® sets us apart due to the durability, fade resistance, and innovative design their products offer. With various designs, colors, wood grain options, and heights available, you can tailor your choice to your budget and project specifications.

Benefits of Secure Pickets and StayStraight™ Technology

ActiveYards® GlideLock® design ensures each picket securely locks in place, creating a gap-free fence that affords both solitude and weather resistance. The patented StayStraightTM rail system eliminates bending or sagging over time, guaranteeing the longevity of your privacy fence. Additionally, ActiveYards® SolarGuard® technology preserves the vinyl's color and quality over time

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