From Fences to Function: A Homeowner's Guide to Style, Security, and Sanity

residential white picket fence

Have you considered augmenting your home with an aesthetic perimeter fence, but aren’t sure what kind to buy?

Perhaps you’ve driven around your neighborhood to gather ideas and take pictures, only to find a plethora of options, leaving you unsure of which way to go. Many styles, heights, dimensions, and material choices are available. Fortunately, if you’ve hit a snag and can’t figure out what would work best, we can help you focus your decision better.

Primary Factors to Consider Before Installing a Fence

  1. Costs
  2. Durability
  3. Security/Privacy
  4. Pet Containment

Those are the four things our clients tell us they care about most. You’ll have to develop a project budget and ask yourself how durable of a fence would you need for your home. Wood, for example, may require more maintenance and have less durability than chain-link, but it offers more privacy and beautification.

Finally, do you need a fence that keeps your pets and children where they’re supposed to be? If so, then chain-link or horizontal fencing may be your solution. 

More on Materials - These Are Your Top Options

  • Aluminum - strong, doesn’t obstruct view, may experience rust issues in Florida
  • Vinyl - matches almost any landscaping, very cost-effective, requires cleaning periodically
  • Cedar - made with premium Western Red Cedar, treated with natural oils for much better weather resistance
  • Composite - combines the advantages of wood and vinyl, highly durable
  • Chain-Link - easy installation, practical for almost any purpose
  • Steel - best security option, doesn’t obstruct view, big home-value contributor
  • Pressure-Treated Pine - treated to avoid wood rot and decay, cost-effective

What About Fencing Styles?

Then you have to mull over what style of fence you prefer. We offer six styles that suit different needs for homeowners. We can install simple dog fences, pool fences, traditional picket fences, privacy fencing, ranch fencing, and horizontal wood fencing.

That last option is extremely popular among homeowners in classier neighborhoods, who seek maximum privacy along with the aesthetic enhancement you enjoy with top-quality wood. Then again, a simpler version of this would be the vertical picket fences, known for adding instant charm (and curb appeal) to your residential property.

Call 76 FENCE for a Modern Residential Fence 

We hope this offers a decent framework to help you explore the wide array of fencing options available. Of course, there’s still much more to the selection process, and we’re more than happy to assist.

If you’d like hands-on help with the process, then please consider the trustworthy services of 76 FENCE. We’re the resident experts for installing, repairing, and staining almost any type of fence. Discover more or schedule service by reaching out to us today!

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