Horizontal Horizons: Reimagine Your Fence with Modern Flair

Perhaps you’ve noticed there are many ways to assemble materials to design durable and aesthetic fences. Property owners can install a fence going vertically, horizontally, criss-cross, or diagonally. It’s terrific to know you have plenty of variety at your disposal with modern fencing.

Let’s check out some advantages to installing horizontal fencing around your home or business.

Ways to Do Horizontal Fencing

A horizontal design works well with almost any material you select: cedar, vinyl, metal, and beyond. You can also configure the horizontal pattern several novel ways to create slats, shadow boxes, or full-fledged privacy fences.

If you decide to go with cedar or pine for a horizontal fence, you won’t regret it. That’s because wood pieces are not too difficult to install sideways. Here’s also where a talented fence technician (like one of ours) can work with you to space the wood boards whichever way you see fit. It’s a popular way to cultivate a private or semi-private backyard and/or side-yard in many residential areas around the country.

Vinyl is a very practical way to accomplish this as well. It’s normally less expensive than wood, offers more design options, doesn’t require as much maintenance, and won’t force you to worry over wood rot. Like vinyl siding or windows, you would have to clean these horizontal fences, but it doesn’t take as long, and you can get it done with a decent pressure washer.

Finally, horizontal chain-link fences are a popular solution for single-family homes, apartment complexes, and even industrial properties. They’re cost effective, deter intruders, and it’s easy to enhance them with privacy screens either during the initial installation or later down the road.

What are the most common reasons folks opt for horizontal fence designs?

Advantages to the Horizontal Design

  • It’s an aesthetically appealing way to do fencing
  • Horizontal fences complement several modern architectural elements
  • They even have the effect of making your property appear wider (therefore, larger)
  • This is often the best way to improve exterior privacy

Want to Explore These or Other Lavish Fencing Designs?

If you’re serious about putting together a new (or improved) fence, then our team can help.
76 FENCE specializes in installing, staining, and repairing every popular fencing style with several material options. Whether you wish to add a new chain-link fence to your backyard, or protect your expensive business property with durable steel fencing, we’re available to assist. Contact us anytime to learn all about horizontal fencing, vertical fencing, and more by calling 866-872-1776.

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