Peace of Mind and a Perfect Fence: Why Hiring a Pro Pays Off

Fence installation and repair requires careful attention to detail, something you won’t always get from a handyman or other amateurs. Since residential and commercial fences are significant investments, we recommend calling a professional fencing contractor to handle the task. 

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These are just a few reasons why . . . 

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Fencing Contractor

They Have Better Tools - It’s very risky to attempt a fence installation with anything less than commercial-grade tools and equipment. While many property owners have some of the essentials, few have everything they need to build fences that will match local codes and ordinances.

Helpful Tips & Suggestions - Many homeowners aren’t aware of all the materials and options available to them. An experienced fencing contractor can point you in the right direction if you’ve never done something like this previously. They can help you measure parts of your property, find the right sizes, explain the advantages of vinyl versus aluminum fencing, and help you navigate every other crucial component. We also don’t believe in pressuring our clients into anything. You can start with us by obtaining a free cost estimate (right over the phone) by speaking to one of our friendly representatives.

They’ll Work Within Your Budget - There’s a big difference between installing a massive perimeter fence for a prison facility, compared to safeguarding a backyard swimming pool. Good contractors will help you stay within your budget by helping you select the most cost-effective fencing solutions.

Contractors Know the Local Zoning Rules - The last thing you’ll want to do is install something improperly, and run into trouble with local authorities. That’s why it’s smarter and faster to work with a pro contractor who can pull all the permits, and knows what’s allowable in your area.

Fence Repair & Installation is Laborious - Even the smaller projects we do can be physically demanding. Our team can ease the burden of this hard work by taking care of business, even in hot weather, when you’d rather not tackle such strenuous outdoor labor.

Hire 76 FENCE for Fast & Professional Fencing Installation

We do just about everything related to fence work. Whether you need new installation (commercial or residential), staining, or fence repairs, 76 FENCE is the most reliable resource for everything.

Call us today at 866-672-1776 to discover more or schedule fencing services in your area. 

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