Repairing vs. Replacing Your Wooden Fence: What You Need to Know

Whenever there’s a broken or deteriorated fence, you’ll face one or two options for how to deal with it: repair or replace.

Of course, like anything else on your property, the extent of the damage will dictate whether you should fix the fence or opt for a new one. Your friends at 76 FENCE would like to offer a few guidelines on how to approach that decision.

A Few Things to Consider

Generally, you can perform minor maintenance on a wooden fence if the damages are small and/or isolated to a specific location. Sometimes, it’s better to have a repair guy take out or modify one section of wood rather than scrap the entire fence (saving you significant expenses).

These are the primary factors that impact how to approach mending/replacing a wooden fence.

  • Wood Type: Is it made of traditional cedar (thick, high quality), thinner plywood, or pressure-treated pine? Some versions are more vulnerable to termites and wood rot than others. Those problems will often require you to invest in a new fence.
  • Prevailing Materials Costs: The lumber market can fluctuate from time to time, thus affecting whether you would want to spring for a new fence. Fortunately, although wood still isn’t cheap, the price has stabilized since the heavy surge we saw during the pandemic supply-chain disruptions.
  • Fence Style: Fences are somewhat like roofs and other exterior structures. The more ornate designs cause more to install if you’re thinking about a new installation. There’s a lot you can do with fences, and, of course, the size and square footage you need will play a role.

So . . . Repair or Replace Your Wooden Fence?

If your fence has noticeable structural damage, or has become unsafe to use (holes, instability, rot, etc.), then you should strongly consider a full replacement.

For smaller problems, it’s easy to have a professional swop out specific slats to address the problem. We always recommend calling for help and avoid making mistakes by trying to “DIY” the repairs. Also, don’t forget that if you replace a wooden fence, you’ll have to find some place to dispose of the old wood. 76 FENCE can help you with that matter anytime, though.

How Long Do Wooden Fences Typically Last?

Even the best-treated wood won’t last forever. It has a shorter lifespan, normally around seven to 10 years, which is why some property owners prefer more durable options such as steel fences or composite fences. If you aren’t sure what to expect from various styles and materials, one of our representatives would be more than happy to go over different options with you.

Call 76 FENCE for Help with Any Style of Fencing

We’re here to help if you need repairs, staining, or total replacement for any kind of fence. This goes for those on either residential or commercial properties, including HOA business owners.

So, let 76 FENCE help you restore your wooden, vinyl, chain-link, or any other fence, and rid yourself of all the hassles. If you’d like to learn more about our services, then contact us anytime with questions or comments.

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