Horizontal Fencing

Horizontal Fencing: A Contemporary Trend

As of 2023, the spotlight is on Horizontal Fencing, capturing the essence of modernity in the fencing domain. This emerging trend encapsulates a fresh and innovative design that can be realized through a range of material choices. By incorporating horizontal board fencing, this style breaks away from conventional norms, ushering in a new era of aesthetics. Horizontal board fences typically showcase evenly sized boards placed horizontally across each panel, spanning around 6-8' in width. The outcome is a distinctive and upscale visual appeal that exudes a high-end designer aura.

However, it's important to note that not all local fence companies offer the option of horizontal fencing. This style demands specialized craftsmanship and skill to ensure impeccable construction. Our premium horizontal fence solutions incorporate metal rails and tongue & groove boards, requiring an elevated level of expertise in fence building to achieve the desired outcome.

Horizontal Wood Fencing: A Contemporary Choice

Among the array of fence materials, wood remains a prevalent option, and this holds true even for the horizontal fence style. Wood's versatility shines as it lends itself to various installation methods, allowing for full customization. What's more, it can be stained to harmonize with any aesthetic once the installation is complete. The images above showcase both pine and cedar horizontal fencing. The cedar variant, with its darker hue, is elegantly stained according to the customer's preferences, resulting in a truly stunning appearance.

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Embracing the Modern with Horizontal Fences

A quick search on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest under terms like "modern fence styles" or "modern fence" will reveal a plethora of posts showcasing horizontal fencing across the nation. Many fence companies are introducing this style with a range of support elements, including metal posts, metal framing, or wood posts. The horizontal fence elevates any backyard's visual appeal and serves as an engaging conversation starter. Given current market trends, it's a safe bet that modern horizontal fences will grace numerous landscapes in the coming 3-5 years.

The Essence of Horizontal Fencing

Traditionally, fences sport vertical pickets aligned alongside the fence posts. In contrast, horizontal fencing flips the orientation, resulting in pickets that run horizontally, often referred to as "horizontal boards." It's worth noting that this style comes with an increased cost. The tongue & groove boards required for horizontal fencing elevate its quality, but they are manufactured in smaller quantities compared to standard fence pickets. Consequently, the cost is usually double that of a regular horizontal wood fence.

Wooden privacy fence

Staggered Horizontal Fence: A Fresh Take

A rising star among horizontal fence designs is the staggered horizontal fence. Available in various materials, cedar remains a favorite pick. Staggered horizontal cedar fencing is a popular choice due to its aesthetic appeal and its durability compared to pressure-treated pine fencing. Cedar's natural charm can be further enhanced through staining, adding a touch of sophistication. Staining or painting not only elevates cedar's look but also prolongs its lifespan typically around 15 years.

Exploring Horizontal Fence Varieties

An array of styles awaits those interested in horizontal board fencing, including:

  • Staggered Horizontal Fence
  • Horizontal Privacy Fence
  • Horizontal Cedar Fence
  • Horizontal Slat Fence
  • Horizontal Vinyl Fence
  • Horizontal Shadowbox Fence
  • Horizontal Metal Fence

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