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We do it all, so give us a call! With varying material options, height, distance, and overall aesthetics we ensure your fence meets the highest of standards for a long time. We realize it's a very large purchase and we stand by our craftsmanship so you can enjoy that fence for many years to come. We advise many of our clients who want to save a few pennies on their fence installation to really think about the longevity a professionally installed fence really brings you. If the wood is subpar in quality and won't stand the test of time, you will be redoing that fence in a few year's time. The same goes for the installation itself, if that is skimped on, your fence could fall due to strong winds and repairs will cost you more in the long run anyway. Choose a quality contractor to get your fence put in the right way so you can rest easy!

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Aluminum fencing

Fences: More Than Just a Yard Boundary

Different types of fences serve different purposes. A vinyl fence is not the same as a wooden privacy fence, and a chain link fence is not the same as a wrought iron fence. Even though both chain link and wrought iron fences are made of metal, they have very different aesthetics and prices.

Wrought iron fences are more expensive than chain link fences because they are more aesthetically pleasing and require more craftsmanship to produce. Chain link fences are more affordable and easier to install.

In general, the cost of a fence is split evenly between materials and labor. However, decorative fences can be more expensive on the materials side, while more complex fences can be more expensive on the labor side.

Durable Aluminum Fencing Solutions

Our aluminum fences are engineered to endure the test of time. While other fencing options degrade over time, our aluminum fences withstand even the harshest conditions, guaranteeing longevity for years to come.

Aluminum stands as one of the most resilient fencing materials available today. With the added advantage of powder coatings, the surface boasts enhanced weather resistance, effectively preventing chipping, peeling, or breaking. This exceptional durability equips aluminum fences to endure scorching summers, freezing winters, and everything in between, including heavy rainfall.

Thanks to its robustness, many of our manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties, a testament to the enduring quality of our products. Moreover, unlike iron or steel alternatives, aluminum fences remain resilient against rust and corrosion, ensuring lasting beauty.

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Redefining Maintenance with Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences demand minimal maintenance due to their inherent resistance to the elements. Unlike other fence types that necessitate regular painting or coating, aluminum fences arrive prefabricated with a resilient weather-resistant layer. This, in turn, minimizes the required upkeep to an occasional wash, simplifying the maintenance process.

Cleaning these metal fences is a breeze, often requiring nothing more than a rinse and a gentle wipe with a dry cloth. Thanks to the protective coating, dirt and grime struggle to adhere to aluminum surfaces, maintaining their pristine appearance.

Trust the Fence Experts

Our collection offers an extensive variety of heights and styles to cater to diverse preferences.

Seeking the perfect shade to harmonize with your surroundings? Opt for a powder finish that seamlessly complements your home or environment.

For those desiring added sturdiness, panels equipped with four rails provide enhanced stability.

Unconventional space to enclose? Our fences are designed to be trimmed to suit spaces of any size, accommodating both expansive and compact areas.

Adding a personal touch to your fence? Our picket fences offer an ideal platform for attaching tops, known as finials. Furthermore, an array of decorative options is available for purchase directly from us, culminating in a meticulously polished yard appearance.

If you don't find the specific alternatives you seek within our collection, feel free to get in touch. We specialize in locating exactly what you desire and would be thrilled to assist in finding your ideal fence.

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